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Do I really need to be online with a website?


If you run a business or thinking of starting a business, regardless of size, not thinking about or having a website for an online presence could be costing you. Even if your website lists little more than your address, opening hours and contact details, having a website will give you the edge over your competitors […]

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Google Release New Nexus Products

nexus range

Well, a week after the announcements from Apple with their new iPads, iMacs and Macbook, Google and Android announce two new Nexus devices and an update to an existing Nexus device. The actual event was scheduled to take place in New York on Monday 29th October, but it was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy. So, […]

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iOS6, Apple Maps and Google Maps

ios6 maps

It appears Apple seems to be getting a bit of a hard time with regards to using their own maps in iOS6 rather than that of Google Maps. We’ve personally not used Apple Maps, but a couple of examples of the problems can be found here. So there does seem to be a genuine case. […]

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New Android device or the ‘expected’ iPhone 5

Android and Apple

Well, my contract is up and I’m in the market for a new phone, but like usual, what do I take the punt on for the next couple of years this time? Do I stick with Android or make the switch to the expected and anticipated Apple iPhone 5? I’ve had a varied phone history […]

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