Technology SOS are now Enterprise Wireless Admin (UEWA) Certified

Technology SOS are pleased to announce we’re now Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin (UEWA) certified.

We attended this course to ensure we remain at the forefront of wireless networks as the demand on and for a reliable and robust network increases.

Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless AdminSome of the core skills and topics we covered to ensure we’re in the best position to offer customers the best solution whether you are residential, business or commercial;

  • Overview of Enterprise Networks
  • WLAN Fundamentals
  • WLAN Planning
  • Comprehensive UniFi Configuration
  • Advanced Adoption Techniques
  • Guest Portal & Hotspot Integration
  • WLAN Troubleshooting

We’ve covered how wireless is becoming more important in a previous post (which we would HIGHLY recommend reading if you haven’t already – Click here to read), but it doesn’t hurt to cover the topic again briefly, as wireless is taken for granted until it doesn’t work.

We have tried and tested a number of wireless options over the years so you don’t have to. The result, we can install a reliable, tried and tested network that is enterprise level and managed, but without the associated costs. The end result, a fast, seamless and reliable network where ever you are in your property, including outside, that just works quietly and efficiently.

One of the key elements to this particular system is we install a dedicated wireless solution. Not a “jack of all trades master of none” one box solution that tries to act as a modem, router, switch and wireless device all in one. We install dedicated specialists hardware for each aspect (modem, router, switches and wireless) to perform their specific task, that way, all your eggs aren’t in one basket resulting in much better performance in each individual area.

Let us take this headache away of wireless dropping and people moaning that they can’t connect, as we’ve a vast experience with networking and security. Contact us now to discuss your requirements, as each install is unique and treated as such. For example, did you know Pilkington K glass will have a dramatic impact on wireless? Also foil backed insulation, or wet underfloor heating? There are so many variables to be taken into account for each install. It’s not a simple case of buying the ‘best’ wireless box from your local electrical retailer after a recommendation from a member of staff. Have they been to your site, know the size of the site and it’s construction?

Technology SOS will help identify and offer solutions to your networking troubles. Build for the future as the demands are only going to increase, so don’t delay and contact us now.

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