25% Off HD Multi-Room Hardware Offer

You can’t say we’re not generous during this festive period with the following, limited time, offer!

25% Offer

Following on from our recent post, we’re offering a massive 25% discount on High Definition (HD) hardware for any HD multi-room equipment quote agreed before 31st January 2013 and subsequently installed by Technology SOS.

This is a great offer for both residential and business with a solution for everyone.

For residential, as the cost of HD TVs decrease and become the norm and the increase in the number of ‘Smart TVs’, this is the perfect solution. It allows multiple HD sources to be shared on multiple HD displays in multiple rooms. On top of this, each connection comes with a network connection that can be utilised on a Smart TV to share and access an abundance of online content.

As for business, there’s a solution available regardless of business. From a bar or pub with multiple screens, to an office wanting a video wall or totem display in reception to cause maximum impact.

For more details on the actual solutions available, click here for residential and here for business.

To take advantage of this offer, act quick and contact us, quoting ‘online25’.

Why not compliment multi-room video, with our multi-room audio along with many other services.

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