Technology is now a critical element of any size organisation from start up to corporate. The importance of maximising the customer experience is vital to attract and retain new business in a challenging environment. Customers and staff expect systems to be user friendly, efficient and most of all, reliable.

Through our working practise in the technology and marketing space, we work in partnership with businesses to understand their vision, business drivers and market. Once we understand the challenges, solutions can be tailored to align technology and business gains making for an efficient operation and user experience.

These efficiencies come from maximising up time, application and device speeds, consolidating systems such as websites and email. Work rates can be improved by web filtering software allowing access to social networking sites outside of core business hours.

Our core expertise covers the following areas;

  • Purchase Domain Name
  • Domain Configuration
  • Website Hosting
  • Website Design
  • Email Hosting (Inc. Microsoft Exchange)
  • ICT Purchasing
  • Device Configuration
  • Network Configuration (Inc. Wireless & Hot Spots)
  • Network Security
  • Printer Setup & Sharing
  • Internet Connection & Backup Connection / Failover
  • Automated Backups Onsite & Off Site
  • Web Filtering
  • Real Time Service Monitoring & Alerts
  • Remote Access

If there are areas outside of these core competencies, or anything you’d like to discuss, then please get in contact.