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Technology SOS are now Enterprise Wireless Admin (UEWA) Certified

Technology SOS are pleased to announce we’re now Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin (UEWA) certified. We attended this course to ensure we remain at the forefront of wireless networks as the demand on and for a reliable and robust network increases. Some of the core skills and topics we covered to ensure we’re in the best position […]

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Ensure Safe Internet Browsing this School Holiday


The school holidays are upon on us, which means the kids have spare time. Keeping them occupied is a tough job and often results in them turning to the internet. Do you know what they’re doing on the internet when you’re not looking or at work? Are you worried they may accidentally see something they […]

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Wired and Wireless Networks – Time to upgrade?


In the past when talking about networks, wired and wireless, this would be associated to businesses and offices. However, this isn’t the case as we become more ‘connected’ in our homes. For example, in the average home, you’ll find multiple laptops, tablets, smart phones, smart TVs, printers, games consoles, Sky TV, DVD / Blu-ray players… the list […]

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Using free email providers is bad for Business


When we say ‘free’ email, we mean accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and those supplied by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as BT, TalkTalk amongst others. Here’s a large selection of reasons not to use free email accounts for business with some explanations on how it impacts your online presence, especially as more than 87% of all […]

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25% Off HD Multi-Room Hardware Offer

You can’t say we’re not generous during this festive period with the following, limited time, offer! Following on from our recent post, we’re offering a massive 25% discount on High Definition (HD) hardware for any HD multi-room equipment quote agreed before 31st January 2013 and subsequently installed by Technology SOS. This is a great offer […]

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Full High Definition (HD) and 3D Distribution Available


Courtesy of significant training at the fabulous Morgan Motor Cars in Malvern, Technology SOS are now pleased to be able to offer and install full High Definition (HD), 3D and multi channel sound distribution systems in both residential and commercial properties courtesy of HDconnectivity and HDanywhere.  So what does this mean? Basically, most people have […]

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4G LTE Broadband Available in Swindon

4G LTE Swindon

Well, after a few false starts, Swindon can now boast 4G LTE broadband to both home and business users and it’s the first Borough wide offering of its type in the UK. Swindon residents and businesses are to be among the first to experience high-speed broadband with no long term commitment required, reasonable prices and […]

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Google Release New Nexus Products

nexus range

Well, a week after the announcements from Apple with their new iPads, iMacs and Macbook, Google and Android announce two new Nexus devices and an update to an existing Nexus device. The actual event was scheduled to take place in New York on Monday 29th October, but it was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy. So, […]

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New Apple iMac and MacBook Pro Retina

Apple iMac

Hot on the tail on our previous post about the new Apple iPad Mini and iPad 4, it’s time to provide another user friendly page giving an overview of the new Apple iMac and MacBook Pro. iMac; The biggest change is how slim the new iMac’s are, only 5mm at it’s thinnest point, which is 80% […]

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New Apple iPads

Apple iPad Mini

Well, with all the new products announced by Apple yesterday (incase you missed it, a new iPad Mini, iPad 4, iMac and MacBook Pro Retina), we thought we’d be kind and write a couple of summary posts of what’s new for each one on one nice and easy to read page. For this post, the new Apple […]

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