Like it or not, computers and the internet play such an important part in our lives, but we often don’t use them to their potential, or don’t look after them like we should and then things start to slow, or even stop. Regular proactive and preventative maintenance is much better than reacting after the issue, sometimes resulting in an unrecoverable situation.


We can also offer impartial advice on all your computer needs in terms of software, hardware, internet service providers (ISP) and even buy, install and set-up your devices so you benefit from the end result, hassle free.

Along with networking and security, Technology SOS can help with upgrades. If you’re looking for a good bang for buck improvement, an upgrade could be the way forward. Making sure the correct hardware is purchased and installed to have a positive impact rather than a negative impact is critical, as incorrectly installed items can be catastrophic.

Over time, PCs can and will slow down as more and more is installed and the machine becomes ‘cluttered’. At which point, the computer will either need to be ‘de-cluttered’, or rebuilt from scratch to maximise the performance, both services we offer. We’ll also put maintenance programs in place to maintain performance.

Buying a new also isn’t trouble free. They often come with free trials and unnecessary software installed by manufacturers as part of their agreements with software vendors. They slow your PC down, use up space and often expire in a few weeks. We can remove ‘bloat-ware’ leaving only required software and install any new software needed so when you get the new PC, it’s ready to go. Transferring of files from your old PC to the new PC can also be arranged.

Computers do fail, often taking everything on the hard drive with it. Minimise that risk with a reliable and automated backup solution so you don’t have to worry about irreplaceable family photos, or that spreadsheet with critical financial information.