Email Services

Email, whether we like it or not, is a key part of communication in both our personal lives and business lives. Therefore, having the right email solution in place to meet your needs shouldn’t be overlooked.

If you’ve got your own or want your own domain, you’ll want to use the associated email addresses to match the domain and perhaps set-up accounts for friends, family or members of your business. So rather than having and the email address of [email protected], you can have [email protected] which brings consistency, recognition and professionalism.

We offer solutions from POP / POP3 email, IMAP and Microsoft Exchange to ensure we have a option to meet your specific needs. If you access, or would like to access your email from a number of devices and keep them all in sync to prevent duplication, we have a number of options. We can also arrange to keep your calendar and contacts in sync, so if you add an entry on your smart phone or Blackberry, your laptop, tablet or any other connected device, this change will also be synced to all your other devices to match to save you having to make the change on every device. If you’re ‘out and about’ for your work, this is essential as it prevents duplication and wasted time and everything matches regardless of location and device used. Also useful if you’ve someone in the office who manages your calendar and you need to be sure it’s up to date. They can make the changes and they’re instantly updated to your device wherever you are.

We’ll configure all the settings from registering with a registrar, configuring nameservers and DNS and adding email security such as SPF, DKIM and DomainKeys so you don’t need to worry about deliverability.

Already have a few email accounts, or another email account you want to continue to use? No problem, we can consolidate all your email accounts to one mailbox so you don’t have to log into different systems to access your email and better still, you can still send from these other accounts.

From a business perspective, many end up using ‘free’ email from the likes of Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or those supplied by your internet service provider (ISP) such as BT, Sky and others. This is often convenient, but the side effects and impact this can have on your business cannot be underestimated, especially as 87% of all business communication if carried out via email.

Some business considerations include;


  • Professionalism
  • Separating Business from Personal
  • Brand Awareness & Consistency
  • Image
  • Hackers Love Free email Services
  • Risk Getting Your email Blocked
  • Looks Unprofessional
  • Lost Branding & Marketing Opportunities
  • Possible Damage by Disgruntled Employees

For a more detailed explanation on these topics, our blog post explains why this needs to be taken into account.

As you can see, there’s lots of compelling reasons why having a separate and professional looking email address can be a great benefit, especially to your business and it’s perception.

It also doesn’t have to cost the earth. For example, with our basic website hosting package, we include free email. Our basic package includes virus protection and basic SPAM protection, with is often sufficient. However, as your requirements grow, we have packages that will grow with you or your business.

It really is worth spending a small amount of money so that you can register your domain, especially if you run a business to match your business website and email so that the perception that other people have of your business is one of credibility and trustworthiness. It is important to remember that nothing in life is really free. You may not always know when you sign up what the price is going to be; however, you may encounter issues later down the line. From out of control SPAM to deliverability problems to customer service issues. If you’re already in that situation, it’s time to transfer and we can handle the whole process to make it seamless to you, the end user and know that your email is in fast, reliable and safe hands.