Networking and Security

More and more devices and services such as Smart TVs, Sky+ HD along with multi-room audio requiring network and internet access to reach their full potential as we evolve into smart homes. Essential to this is having a robust, reliable and secure network so they can all communicate and access the internet safely.

Network Security

We can work with you to meet your requirements and implement structured wiring, CAT 5e, CAT 6, Powerline and wireless solutions to meet the needs of yourself and your devices, even in hard to reach places as more and more people are using outbuildings for offices. Our solutions will be discrete and can be ‘Listed Building’ friendly.

As you add devices to your network, security is a serious consideration with internet connections being ‘always on’. Therefore, unauthorised access has to be prevented and blocked so you, your family, your business and your devices can be online safely.

We make everything secure. We’ll secure the router / hub, make sure your wireless is locked down to prevent any unwanted access, or even create multiple wireless networks to separate parts of the network for increased security. Making sure connected devices are also up to date and run the relevant security software such as anti-virus and anti-spyware is fundamental to a secure network. We can arrange a ‘security contract’ to review security periodically.

Technology SOS can advise and arrange backup plans to secure irreplaceable and priceless data. From family photos to business critical files, we offer a number of solutions available for both on site and off site to meet your budgetary and performance requirements.

P2P file sharing is not only illegal, but is known to cripple internet connections as potentially hundreds of computers can be connected to PCs running P2P software.¬†Restricting access to these sites and protocols can prevent this. Sites containing adult content or social networking (such as Facebook or Twitter) can be blocked for both security and time wasting reasons. Anyone who then uses your connection will be blocked whether they’re a guest, visitor or family member.

If you require a secure, wireless Hot-Spot, be it at home, office, pub or public place, Technology SOS can implement the solution for your requirements.