Wired and Wireless Networks – Time to upgrade?

In the past when talking about networks, wired and wireless, this would be associated to businesses and offices. However, this isn’t the case as we become more ‘connected’ in our homes.Wireless

For example, in the average home, you’ll find multiple laptops, tablets, smart phones, smart TVs, printers, games consoles, Sky TV, DVD / Blu-ray players… the list goes on. Not forgetting what we want to use our network for. Streaming music services such as TuneIn radio, Napster, Spotify and streaming video services like Netflix, LOVEFiLM on demand and catch up TV. Don’t forget, watching YouTube to help create world records and Skype to communicate.

So it’s often taken for granted when looking at networks around the home. People just expect it to work and when it doesn’t, there’s lots of complaints, especially from the kids. This often isn’t helped by Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) providing ‘built to a price’ (aka cheap) wireless routers that claim to be the best thing since sliced bread. The problem is, they’re not. There’s a reason they’re often given away free when signing up! I used my ISP provided router for a month (I was generous to let it stay that long), but during that month, had nothing but problems. The worst being, if my internet connection dropped, I’d have to manually reconnect as it wouldn’t do it automagically. Needless to say, my patience ended (and all those connected) and it was replaced with a tried and tested product that hasn’t missed a beat and emphasizes, you get what you pay for!

It’s so important to take manufacturer claims with a pinch of salt, they’re trying to sell products. They of course offer the world and the ‘best’ wireless connection there is, but at a budget price. The two don’t go together.

When looking a networking devices, it can be an expensive outlay, but you have to remember why. Networking (wired and wireless) is now such an integral part to everyday life, but we don’t want to spend the money on it. We’ll spend hundreds on TV’s, mobile phones, laptops etc, but we expect the ‘free’ router to service these devices without any problems. We also want to be able to connect to the internet in the house wherever we are using the wireless and not expect it to slow down, or lose connection totally. Even if you’re in the garden or want an outbuilding connected to you network, this is all possible.

Technology SOS have been involved in wired and wireless networks for years and have enough experience to know that you get what you pay for when building a network, but is doesn’t have to break the bank. Also don’t forget, if you move home, you can take it with you, so it’s an investment that’ll give you a reliable, fast and trouble free network without the headaches for years to come. Something you can really set and forget so you can get on with your everyday life.

Now we have to finish with a sales pitch. Let us take this trouble away, as we’ve a vast experience with networking and security, Technology SOS will help identify and offer solutions to your networking troubles. Build for the future as the demands are only going to increase. Contact us now to discuss your requirements.

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