Multi-Room HD & 3D Distribution, Source Sharing & Internet Access All In One

With High Definition / HD now being the buzz word, Technology SOS want to ensure you can benefit from full HD, 3D and multi channel sound distribution in your property to allow the full multi-room experience in HD.

Most people have Sky+ HD and a Blu-ray player in their lounge. Using Sky+ HD as an example, we can share the picture and sound from your Sky+ HD box to any other TV in Full HD with no loss in quality and with full infrared (IR) remote control capabilities as if you were in your lounge. You can and we have installed many Sky+ HD distribution solutions using a loft box with full control using the ‘magic eye’ or ‘mouse’, but this is only distributed in standard definition (SD). You pay Sky for their HD service, so why not maximise your subscription and have Sky+ HD viewable and controllable in more than one location and in full HD quality?

multi-roomWe can also distribute and share other devices, such as your Blu-ray player, Xbox, PS3, Media Steamer, the list goes on. One person could be playing Xbox in the lounge on the home cinema system, whilst the kids are watching a Blu-ray in their bedroom and someone watching a cookery program in the kitchen, all at the same time, all in HD and all can be controlled from the viewing location.

The solution supports up to 8 sources and up to 8 destinations such as;

Potential Sources

Potential Destinations

Sky+ HD Lounge
Virgin Media Tivo Kitchen
Freeview Cinema Room
FreeSat Kids Room
Blu-ray Bedroom
Apple TV Conservatory
WDTV Live Bathroom
Anything else… Anywhere else…

Part of the install also allows additional network points to be available at each TV. This is particularly useful with the number of ‘Smart TVs’ now available and always growing. Smart TVs require an internet connection to be able to access certain content such as ‘On Demand’, ‘Catch Up TV’, Netflix or LOVEFiLM. Also, if you have content on a PC in your house you’d like to be able to view on any TV, such as photos, these can also be accessed via this secure connection.4 x 4 multi-room

This isn’t restricted to just HD either. This solution will also cater for non-HD sources such as a regular DVD player, so that can also be shared throughout the house. The solution really can mix and match, giving you your content throughout the house in a truly multi-room experience and is future proof support 4K resolutions.

Want to keep things neat and tidy for that minimalistic look and only have the flat screen TV on display? We can put all the source equipment in a cupboard out of sight and retain full remote control access without seeing the source or having to leave the TV unit cupboard doors open for the remote to work.

If you’re currently building a new property or renovating, be sure to get in touch. We can work with you or your builders to incorporate the solution as the building work progresses, as this solution conforms to building regulations and standards.

So if you’re interested, have any questions or would like a free quote, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

We can also offer solutions beyond 8 by 8, contact us for more details.