iOS6, Apple Maps and Google Maps

It appears Apple seems to be getting a bit of a hard time with regards to using their own maps in iOS6 rather than that of Google Maps. We’ve personally not used Apple Maps, but a couple of examples of the problems can be found here. So there does seem to be a genuine case.

ios6 maps

For those of you that would like to revert back to or at least have Google Maps as an option, there is a workaround. There’s a rumour that Google have submitted an Google Maps App for the Apple Store, but this is yet to be approved, so until then, we can do the following, which is very short, sweet and simple. The only downside is it requires a network connection to work, as it’s web based, but with pretty decent coverage nowadays, it shouldn’t be an issue.

First up, on your iPhone, navigate to

Once on that page, tap on the ‘Share’ button at the bottom of the page;


This will then bring up the usual share options, of which you want to tap on ‘Add to Home Screen’;

Add to Home Screen

Next, it’ll ask what you’d like to call the link, which we left at the default of ‘Google Maps’, but you can change it to whatever you please;


Hey presto, you can now access Google Maps direct from your desktop and is an alternative should Apple Maps fall short;


Apologies, all our blog entries seem to be based around mobile phones / smart phones at the moment. This isn’t a concious thing, it’s just that it’s the busy period for new phones and will continue to be over the next couple of months on the build up to the lucrative festive period.

Feel free to add comments on how you’ve found Apple Maps, or if you’re going to stick with them or use the above method.

Also, share this with anyone you know who has an iPhone who may find this useful.

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