Multi-Room Audio

Multi-Room Audio allows you, your family and friends to enjoy any music in any room. Whether you want the same music to follow you around the house, or you want different music in each room, Technology SOS can install the system that allows you to be in control, much like ourĀ multi-room visual solution.Multi-Room Audio

Our solutions lets you access your personal music collection such as iTunes, or stream music from online services like Spotify or Napster, so you have access to literally millions of songs. You can even control the system from the palm of your hand with a smart phone or tablet.

The house can be split into zones with the kitchen diner playing relaxing music, the childrens room playing an audio book and the study streaming internet radio or a podcast. The system is infinitely flexible and expandable so you can start small and build up, which is helped by being wireless, so not limited to where you have network points. Also, if you, your family or friends have Apple devices, Apple AirPlay can be incorporated into the system. So if someone comes to your house with an Apple product and they want you to listen to their music, you can connect their device and listen to it in any room or all over the house.

So depending on who’s in the house, the mood you’re in or what room you’re in, you can listen to the music you, or your family want to at any point.