Ensure Safe Internet Browsing this School Holiday

The school holidays are upon on us, which means the kids have spare time. Keeping them occupied is a tough job and often results in them turning to the internet.


Do you know what they’re doing on the internet when you’re not looking or at work? Are you worried they may accidentally see something they shouldn’t?

Technology SOS can arrange to put parental controls in place that will ensure safe internet browsing on every device that accesses the internet whilst connected to your home network. From desktops to laptops, iPhones to iPads and anything else that connects to your network, including any friends that visit the house, we can ensure peace of mind that they can only see what you want them to see. We can filter pre-defined categories such as ‘adult’, ‘gambling’, ‘social media’, ‘video-sharing’ or we can filter individual websites that you believe may be unsafe for your family and would like to block. A custom message can also be displayed to explain why it was blocked if you’d like to inform the family. For example, “This website isn’t allowed in the Smith household, as we believe it contains unsafe content. With love, The Management’.

Not only can we protect the children, we can protect adults aswell.

‘Phishing’ is a growing problem with more and more fraudulent websites appearing on the internet everyday. With our solution, Technology SOS can ensure you don’t get caught out and tricked into providing personal or financial information to a fake website even if they appears to come from a trusted bank or online service.

So if you’re worried and would like that extra peace of mind, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. We’re here to ensure safe internet browsing this school holidays and beyond for your family as part of our overall security solutions for residential and business customers.

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