Student Computer Preparation

Well, it’s that time of the year when new students head off to college or university, or existing students return for their next year of tuition. With that in mind, are their laptops also ready for the new academic year?


Very often, student computers become, how can we say it, ‘well used’ whilst away. For example, it’s decided that the whole internet needs to be downloaded, along with every episode of South Park and Scrubs and every song they’ve heard on MTV. Oh, then there’s the odd bit of work hidden amongst it somewhere… Then, every program that’s recommended is downloaded and installed, used for a bit, then left using valuable resources. Finally and the worse, file sharing such as P2P which not only slows the PC, it’s also slows the internet, is often virus ridden and not forgetting, illegal. Also, physical abuse, but not much we can do about that.

We’re not making this stuff up, we’ve had the wonderful experience of handling many student laptops throughout the years and have witnessed the above and more… But we’re also pleased to say, we’ve made massive improvements.

So, with those couple of examples in your mind, we really do think it’s invaluable to make sure a student PC is well prepared for the year ahead. The laptop is often the lifeline of a student, not least for organising their social lives by Facebook or Twitter, but also their music and TV collection. Oh, we forgot about the work bit again, not intentional, we promise. As a result, it’s essential it’s in the best shape possible and maintained whilst away.

This is where we come in. Technology SOS can ‘service’ student PC’s ready for the year ahead. Examples of what we do, or can do is ensure a decent anti-virus is in place, remove unwanted / unused programs, prevent the automatic start-up of rarely used programs, clear ‘unwanted clutter’, check the machine is up to scratch, ensure there’s a backup routine in place… The list goes on, but you get the idea and we discuss with the user what their requirements are, so ensure it’s as they need it.

So don’t delay, get in contact today (sorry for the cliché) before it’s too late and they’re packed off for another year.

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