Website Launched

It has been long overdue, but it’s finally here, our


Ironic isn’t it, we’ve been working without a website for all these years. But clients and potential clients often ask, “do you have a website that showcases your services?”… Up until now, the answer was no. But due to popular demand, we’ve let the creative juices flow and built our own website. After all, what was the excuse!?

On the site, you can read about us, an overview of our services, with more detail available based on business, computers and home entertainment.

We’ve added this blog, as we ‘plan’ to post frequently with ‘interesting ‘ entries about all things Technology, such as home cinema, surround sound, computers, security, internet, mobile phones… You get the idea. But only time will tell if we can do it. We’re techie, not writers, so keep that in mind 😉

Well, there we have it, a new website complete with blog. If you’ve any questions, comments or suggestion, please contact us and make sure you keep coming back to see if we really do get to grips with blogging. We’ve also added sharing options below this blog entry, so you can share our stories… 🙂

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